Our Story

DreamTicks was born during the challenging lockdowns of 2021. As three passionate founders, we found ourselves reevaluating our priorities. The experience of remote work opened our eyes to the value of time freedom – a freedom that transcended traditional office hours.

Our Vision

At DreamTicks, we recognize that many talented traders from the new generation aspire to forge a career in day trading but often lack the necessary capital to turn their hard work into a sustainable livelihood. We are dedicated to offering you the opportunity to capitalize on your skills and dedication.

Your Dream, Our Mission

Together, we can transform the dream of financial freedom into a tangible reality. DreamTicks embodies expertise, a profound understanding of market dynamics, and an extensive industry network. Through these strengths, we’ve meticulously designed a unique opportunity exclusively for traders like you.


Our Team

The Architects of Your Success

Our team is a dynamic blend of expertise from diverse backgrounds. Among the founders, you’ll find a profitable day trader with a strong entrepreneurial track record, an experienced executive from the gambling industry with a media and entertainment background, and a visionary who founded and led a global Tier One FX broker.

DreamTicks Affiliates

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