Can I Reset My Challenge?

DreamTicks strives to empower all our traders to succeed on our platform. In our Funded Account Challenges, when a requirement is violated, you will automatically be ineligible to obtain a Funded Account. We give all our traders the option to Reset their Funded Account Challenge anytime throughout Phase 1 (Evaluation Stage).

How Does the Reset Help Traders?

We understand and appreciate that failing is not a good feeling. Our Reset Function allows our traders to change their trading approach and strategy and attempt the challenge again for 25% less than the original cost.

How Do I Reset My Challenge?

You can Reset your Funded Account Challenge by following this simple step-by-step process:

Go to your Funded Account Dashboard.

Select the Funded Account Challenge you want to Reset.

Click the “Reset Challenge” option.

A Pop-Up Window will appear highlighting the 25% Discount.

Select your preferred Payment Method.

Click “Reset & Keep Trading” (or “Cancel” if you do not want to Reset).

Once you have followed those steps, you will be all set to trade again!

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