Can I Scale My Account?

At DreamTicks we offer an exclusive scaling plan for account sizes that not only allows you to increase your Account Balance but, as time passes, you can also increase your profit payout simply by showing our team that you are a consistent, profitable, and professional Funded Trader.

Why is our Funded Account Scaling Plan so good?

A very fair Profit Split of 80% in our trader’s favor.

Maximum Daily Drawdown 5%, and Overall Drawdown 10%.

An extremely generous 25% Account Balance increase, every four Months, which can be scaled up to $1,000,000.

What are the requirements?

As a DreamTicks Funded Trader, you will be eligible for Account Scaling if you meet a consistent Profit Target of 10% over four months, we will reward you with an Account Balance increase of 25%. We offer scaling up to $1,000,000 provided you received two payouts.

For Example:

If you start your trading journey with a $100k Account Balance and maintain at least 10% over four consecutive months, you will be eligible for an account balance increase of 25%, which will increase your Funded Account Balance to $125k (25% Increase) and if you maintain that profit consistency for another four more months, your Account Balance will increase to $156,250 (25% Increase on the $125k Account Balance).

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