Do You Have An Affiliate Campaign?

The DreamTicks affiliate campaign, designed to empower affiliates, takes this commitment a step further by offering an array of powerful tools and enticing incentives.

Empowering Affiliates with Cutting-Edge Tools

DreamTicks understands that successful affiliates require not only attractive commissions but also the right tools to reach their target audience effectively. The affiliate campaign offers the following tools to give affiliates a competitive edge:

Multilingual Landing Pages:

Affiliates can tailor their approach to various markets by selecting landing pages in their preferred languages. This customization empowers affiliates to connect with a diverse global audience effortlessly.

Custom Banner Ads:

To enhance marketing efforts, DreamTicks provides the ability to create custom vertical and horizontal banner ads in common sizes. These ads are optimized for both desktop and mobile platforms, ensuring they reach a broad audience.

Social Media Assets:

In the age of social media, having the right assets is crucial. Affiliates can generate custom social banners, posts, profile photos, and headline photos, all of which seamlessly route traffic to their affiliate URL.

This integration with social media channels helps affiliates harness the power of online engagement.

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